Bulbils from a Bloomed-Out Agave

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Agave bulbils

When young succulent horticulturist Matthew Wong, 11, visited, we cut down the bloom spike of my octopus agave and harvested bulbils. Octopus agave (Agave vilmoriniana) grows to about 4 feet in diameter and 5 feet tall. A “soft” agave, its leaves lack teeth and its tips come to a point but are not sharp. In[...]

The Naomi Campbell of Succulents

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Euphorbia meloformis

I was pairing some newly acquired succulents with containers I had kicking around, and discovered that one plant in particular, Euphorbia meloformis, looks great in just about anything. It’s symmetry, ridges, stripes and red-green-brown hues make it the Naomi Campbell of succulents. Similar to spherical Euphorbia obesa (baseball plant), Euphorbia meloformis is whimsical, visually appealing, easy to grow,[...]

My Circuitous Route to Writing Success

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Screen shot 2015-04-19 at 3.18.23 PM

When Designing with Succulents became a bestseller in 2007, few people knew what was really going on with me. I’m sharing it now because it might encourage others to persevere through difficult times. A bit of backstory: For half my life, I didn’t live up to my potential due to fear of failure. A highly accomplished writer whom I liked, admired and envied[...]