Saxon Holt

Photo Contest at High Country Gardens

David Salman xeric New Mexico rock garden with silver foliage Artemisia frigida, Penstemon pinnifolius, Melampodium (Blackfoot Daisy) and Claret-cup cactus, Echinocereus triglochidiatus

Our friends at High Country Gardens are running a Spring Photo Contest.  Deadline May 31.  Gardening Gone Wild readers know about contests from our own ‘Picture This’ photo contests and should be well prepared to enter – and win. I gave HCG a blog post and free photo tips,  Six Tips for Good Garden Photography[...]

Wild in the Eastern Deciduous Forest

Liriodendron tulipifera -, Tulip poplar, Budding with spring leaves emerging

The Eastern United States is an entirely different native ecosystem from California.  Duh. The Central Prairies are different too.  Oh yeah.  And how about the Everglades ?  The desert Southwest ? We live in a vast country with vastly different native plants, yet sometimes when we hear about the importance of gardening with native plants,[...]

Gardening with Native Plants

Well pruned manzanita (Arctostaphylos) shrubs with native grasses by swimming pool in The Melissa Garden, California

I am on the road, photographing California native plants, and just too dang busy to think about anything else.  My post will just be a “best of” selection from a presentation I gave at Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. So here is a portfolio selection of great gardens using California natives.  For those of you in[...]

A Magical Photo Workshop

Mary Small - Marin Art & Garden Center Workshop borage

Photography workshops can be magical for both student and instructor. I think I can honestly say every workshop has some magic, there are always those moments when a student suddenly connects with the subject.  It gladdens the heart of the instructor to see the students improve. But rarely does every student improve dramatically in the course of[...]

Finding Photos

Hybrid Monkey Hand Trre flower >>> x Chiranthomontodendron lenzii (aka  Chiranthofremontia); yellow flowering shrub at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

It is a great joy to be hunting for photographs in a garden.  Having a camera in hand (or on a tripod) is an excuse to look carefully, to find a photo that will do justice to the beauty of plants. Finding a photo is a deliberate process and I frequently find myself looking for color[...]