Fran Sorin

Benefits of Becoming An Essentialist In The Garden

Leonitus leonorus with Salvia

Are you a gardener who’s in a perpetual state of overwhelm? Do you constantly feel pressure to complete your never ending ‘to do’ list? Do you rarely feel like you’ve mastered anyone aspect of your garden or gardening skills? If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, don’t worry. You’re not[...]

The Benefits of Rain Gardening

rain gardening

Why has rain gardening become so popular over the past decade? Because it offers a beautiful, low-maintenance garden, provides food and shelter for wildlife, and helps the environment. Viewed in general, a rain garden seems much like any beautifully landscaped garden consisting of bushes, perennials and trees. But the approach involves deliberate planning beyond that[...]

Why You Garden

Why You Garden

  “Sometimes we need others to remind us that much of what we desire is, in fact, possible; all we need to do is dig down into our courage, embrace the unknown, and invite our creative minds out to play. It is then that we can access our infinite possibility and grow into the fullest[...]