You Read It Here First – Best Book of the Year

Good Garden Photography

Over the past 7 years of blogging here at Gardening Gone Wild as the resident garden photographer I have been giving lots of photography tips.  Those who watched closely knew I was planning to put the best articles together as a book, and I am truly grateful for the encouragement.  Indeed, without your encouragement I would[...]

Succulents, Pumice and Austin Petelski


At my Designing with Succulents presentations, I’m often asked “what’s the best soil mix?” If you’re doing only a pot or two, simply buy a bag of cactus mix. Otherwise, combine any bagged potting soil half-and-half with pumice. (For the garden, mix equal parts garden soil, pumice, gritty sand like decomposed granite, and compost.) Crushed pumice (lava[...]

Why I Love Using Plume Poppy In My Garden

admin-ajax.php.jpg- Steve Silk photo

I’m not making any apologies for the, uh, shall we say the more “robust” nature of several plants in my garden. Plume poppy (Macleaya cordata) is certainly one of them. The exuberance of its architectural pizzazz is matched, or nearly so, by the plant’s tendency to travel. I’m not saying it’s invasive-I try to stay away from anything that spreads rampantly[...]

Photo Contest Winners

Submission to Gardening Gone Wild Picture This photo contest Oct 2015

Summer is done – and so is the photo contest. As is always the case with a photo contest, the fun is in seeing all the entries.  I smiled as I opened them and each made me wonder about the gardens, wanting to see more.  Indeed I was delighted to visit the blogs of those[...]