Debra Lee Baldwin

The Twelve Days of Cactus

12 Sunburst Drumming

Feel free to hum along. On the first day of cactus, my true love gave to me: A dove in a prickly pear tree. On the second day of cactus, my true love gave to me: Two agave pups and a dove in a prickly pear tree. On the third day of cactus, my true[...]

Succulent Gift Bouquet in Colored Sand

Succulent sand bouquet

For a great hostess gift, arrange a bouquet of succulent rosettes in a glass container filled with layers of colored sand. Despite no roots, soil or water, cuttings wired onto faux stems and wrapped with floral tape last for months, living on the moisture in their leaves. The sand lends color, style and interest, and serves as ballast so top-heavy rosettes don’t[...]

Succulent Wreath Tips and Ideas

Craftsy wreathannotated_resized

  Do you like the succulent wreath that my friend Denise made during a wreath party at my home? To create a similar one, you’ll need about 100 cuttings, a wire wreath form, 24-gauge florist’s wire, a chopstick, and a bag of sphagnum moss. The form, moss and wire are available at any craft store. Cuttings will root[...]

How to Make a Succulent Centerpiece


To create the composition shown here, the designer chose a white-painted wooden urn 12 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall, with a basin 3 inches deep. Plants include ‘Sunburst’ aeonium, Echeveria ‘Perle von Nurnberg’, burro tail sedum, assorted blue echeverias, lithops (living stones), and Seneco radicans (fish hooks). Cut a circle from heavy mil plastic (such as a[...]

Succulents, Pumice and Austin Petelski


At my Designing with Succulents presentations, I’m often asked “what’s the best soil mix?” If you’re doing only a pot or two, simply buy a bag of cactus mix. Otherwise, combine any bagged potting soil half-and-half with pumice. (For the garden, mix equal parts garden soil, pumice, gritty sand like decomposed granite, and compost.) Crushed pumice (lava[...]